Writing Challenge (Day 13): “Where” Writing

Session 1 (5 minutes): Suburban Swimming Pool

The light from the comforting warmth cascading from the sky highlights newly tanned shoulders. The pages of books soak up discreet drops shot from the disturbed water. The pavement stings the feet of youthful souls reborn – a sharp pain dulled by the promise of chilled enjoyment. Leaving the pavement, I am surrounded by a glacial chill that soon subsides to algid serenity.

Session 2 (10 minutes): The Old Fishing Hole

Two old men sit above the broken sheet of safety – hoping, breathing, living. The line gleams with a driven purpose. The fisherman’s stomachs growl and heighten their need for satisfaction. The line descends into the murky depths below the frigid barrier that distinguishes the hunter from the hunted. The line jolts, and at once the fisherman’s hearts begin to race with excitement. A short battle ensures. A life is won.

Unsuspecting victims swim below – hoping, breathing, living. They are distracted by a mysterious glow above. Their lack of conscious thought is exploited and the glint heightens their instinct for survival. An inviting foreigner approaches the innocent pawns from the hole in the duped one’s sky. They approach the line and begin to examine it, soon after deciding to taking it for themselves; at once the fish’s body becomes tense with a confused apprehension. A short heist ensues. A life is stolen.

Session 3 (90 seconds): Under an Umbrella

I stand and the sky’s tears taint the outer edge of my linen pants. Their sensitive thread is frayed by the sorrow drizzling from the sky. The ineffective cover taunts me. I give up. I cross the umbrella in front of me and call the water to me. It receives this invitation gracefully…