Writing Challenge (Day 10): “When” Writing

Session 1 (5 minutes): Six in the Morning

I wake up at about 5:58, and the anger that flooded my body almost approached the intensity of my screaming alarm clock’s voice. Losing those two minutes of sleep was like tasting a bitter piece of dark chocolate. I tasted it, but knew it should be richer.. full of more life. Instead time broke its promise to me to be peaceful. With a swift punch to the gut, time became the wind.  So, I hit back, and thwarted it’s devilish intentions for 10 more minutes…

Session 2 (10 minutes): First Snowfall

He couldn’t make out what was coming from the sky. They looked like small gnats, somber, unable to combat gravity, for they’ve lost the want to try. But they land on his skin, and the sensation defines wonderment. These gnats have not lost the want to live – they have been infected with a chilled energy and their only mission in life, now, is to leave that energy elsewhere. Let others experience the chilled comfort in solitude. He notices his immediate surroundings. Life stunned to the white perfection. His feet disturb the perfect white layer that coats this environment. The clouds, he decided, must be experiencing a numb sense of serenity for their tears have become crisp chilled suspensions of the anguish within. He begins to ache for the flames inside his home, hearing crackling besiege his mind. He is drawn to it, for the chilled serenity is melting into the utter bleakness within the clouds and coating his skin, searching for a way to enter his soul. He feels himself becoming the clouds – lifting from reality and becoming consumed in his sorrow. Fear pushes him back inside the safety of his home and he embraces….

Session 3 (90 seconds): Easter Sunday

Room with a slight tint of pastel, reeking of sweets. The floorboards smudged with a light film of dirt and eggshells…