Writing Challenge (Day 11): “When” Writing

Session 1 (5 minutes): Late Evening

I begin my trek home, and my legs ache with the memories of its travels of the day. They remember this path, but my heart can’t reason with the sudden darkness for its emotional depths are horribly incompatible with the love and happiness within my heart’s fragile body. My blood starts to pump and a slight dampness collects on my forehead. The film chills me and I suddenly shiver. Looking up.. a spiderweb coated in trapped bugs whose life force still shines through their encasement. The spider hides in plain sight emitting the brightest life force, quiet and inviting. He is a gentle spirit.

Suddenly my sight shifts and I realize the spider has been replaced with the moon. And I begin to ask myself if there was ever..

Session 2 (10 minutes): Loved One’s Funeral

There is a numbness that is building. I am outside of my body. There. I see myself crying. I am sobbing, but I can’t feel anything.. nothing is real anymore. The sorrow is external. The tears are external. Life is external.. for my body is a mere casing. The girl I was has left with him. Gone to another place. I don’t know where she went. All I know is that I can’t find her. I can’t feel her anymore. I can’t feel anything. And that emptiness is all-consuming.

I can see, though. But I wish I couldn’t. Because all I can see is his face. It is tattooed in the air in front of my eyes.

There are people talking to me too. I hear them. But they are speaking another language. Everything they say is like a poke in the eye, because they speak and I immediately start crying. Every time. But I can’t understand them. What is anyone saying. Why do they all feel the need to talk to me. I’m not important anymore. I can’t even feel anything, and I’m blinded by one image.

I can smell perfectly well. But I smell Oreo’s, Reese’s, and cheap beer. Like some indulgent fairy is following me around taunting me with foods that remind me of the rambling people’s malformed words, which leads me to my bitter sight, which leads me back to the numbness.

It’s a¬†gruesome being that, instead of feeding off of me, takes me and throws me away. I am no use to anyone. I am just an easily disposable being. My innards are useless to everything – even to the parasite called apathy…

Session 3 (90 seconds): Crossing the finish line

600 meters, and now was the time. He picked up his feet with such power that it must be coming from outer force. It was as if his feet were being propelled forward – gravity had shifted and was now pushing him forward, closer…