Writing Challenge (Day 7): “Who” Writing

Session 1 (5 minutes): Balloon Man

He holds his breath for eternity. Born from a sudden burst of air, damp air that coats the inside of his body, the man grasps for life in his molten form. In moments, he becomes something of wonder – full of life, but lacking a true purpose. Suddenly, just after he meets the bloated calm of his full volume, he is manipulated by a man with false joy plastered.. layering.. his face. The shrieks coming from the balloon man are not interpreted as such to the masses. Children are brought to blissful giggles mocking the balloon man’s pain. As his plastic skin is stretched, the man becomes pale, and loses some of his initial brightness in color and spirit. But as he begins to take his true form, and the stretching subsides…

Session 2 (10 minutes): Homeless Child

He’s not seen as the kid in the screen, pleading for your help with his bloated belly and tear-soaked t-shirt. He sits alongside others in classrooms, carrying a stench around him so thick, it clouds the sight of those around him. From this, his peers cannot see his face.. only his clothing.. only the dirt on his elbows and underneath his fingernails attached to clenched hands. He is angry, and lonely. He acts out and becomes “that student” teachers talk about in the break room – the faculty joke. His bones protrude from his stomach, but he deserves that, doesn’t he.. such a hassle in the classroom. He is a punching bag, and no one feels the need to protect that kid who doesn’t shower. As all others leave school to return home, he comes to school to find home, the only home he knows to be true is one he shares with hundreds of bullies that don’t share his blood.

I look at him as he sits on the curb of his home, his head resting on his hands, his hands resting on his elbows, his elbows resting on his knees. His body tells a story of neglect, not one of disobedience. For just one look into his gentle eyes that bear all of his sorrow..

Session 3 (90 seconds): Trucker

He lives the life of the homeless. A vagabond with an unknown destination. His beard is made of smoke, beer, and stale breath. His skin is weathered in a way, unseen, but etched with…