Writing Challenge (Day 14): “Where” Writing

Session 1 (5 minutes): On the City Bus

Walking onto the bus, the anxiety grabs hold of my nerves and squeezes with a bitter intent to raise my blood pressure. I swipe my card, sensing a slight tug from the card reader – someone should get that fixed. And then I lift my head, and my eyes cover the crowd with their sense of awareness. I see no completely empty seats and realize that I must sit with another.  Those with empty seats next to them include an elderly man with wrinkles screaming of his endeavors through life, and a woman exuding confidence and a lack of consideration for other human life. There was also a younger man who seemed..

Session 2 (10 minutes): A Wedding in an Old Church

The door is grand – white, crackling paint covering wood stripped from a lively forest. The rings and curvature of the wood, unsuccessfully hidden from the human eye, told stories of strife and fortitude. As she walked down the aisle, all she could think about was the door. Was she the door – a hidden story whose life would soon be revealed after years of weathering and age? And if so, would her soon to be husband appreciate the value in her cracks, or run from the sight of what he saw as worthless antiquity. Or was he, too, part of the double door. She was the left door, he was the right, and they connected through the clasping handles. Untouched, they were inseparable, but the turn of a knob, and they could be separated. She tried desperately to get these thoughts out of her head as she passed the damp cheeks of her loved ones. She focused on her body – the internal thoughts of each of her muscles. Her feet ached from the pressure building from her heel’s false height.

Session 3 (90 seconds): Canoe on the River

My arms ache from the incessant back and forth, push and pull, strain and release. But the pain subsides as it begins to rain. The surface of the river is invaded by the pleasantly mild and inviting raindrops. The sight lays content over my body like a towel just taken from the dryer placed over a shivering child chilled after a bath.