OOoooohhhh weee.

Can’t stop, addicted to this shindig.

Can’t stop, addicted to this shindig.

Can’t stop.


I didn’t know something, and you made sure I knew that.

So I tried learning something, and you didn’t like that.

So I pretended to hate it too, and now your gone.

You say you hate yourself, but you really just hate everyone else that isn’t you.

And that hate emanates from you body through your jokes and bombastic gesticulations.

Your ability to attract is your most dangerous quality.

Your despair captured me, a fly buzzing around your delicious light.

And, I ached for you. But, even though I knew you were dangerous, I willing leaped into your glow. The pain was nice, and so I vigorously embodied a masochist while your energy consumed me.

Now I am on the floor, with a twitch that I am not sure will ever leave.

You are an incessant self-deprecating monster, if, of course self references everything but that.

And I see that. Everyone sees that.

But, strangely enough, now I see you.

As I struggle to hold on to life, I can still peer above me and observe your being.

I see the power behind the glow. The power that stems from something deeper.

The power that does not come from within your exterior, but from the grounded body of electricity that remains in the past. It is immovable, and it is necessary for your life. But, it can be used for something else.. openness, and ability to accept love, and ability to receive ideas and judge them as valid for another, even if they may not be for someone else.

Unplug your hate, and use it for something other than destroying those who see the power, the wonderful power.

The potential. I can’t stop thinking about the wondrous potential.

You, in all your chaotic glory.

Then again, I am just a fly.