Writing Challenge (Day 12): “Where” Writing

Session 1 (5 minutes): A Cliff by the Ocean

Stillness. The world around me shifts, and lives. The waves crash against the rocks below, and I feel it’s energy. But I am still. I can’t find my energy anymore. I can’t feel my life. I am alive. But I am not living.

The waves are so inviting. I taste the salt from the mist expelled from them and the grass is lush beneath the soles of my feet. I press myself against the Earth, harder, trying to anchor my soul to something concrete – something constant.

It’s difficult to anchor something when it barely exists.

I think therefore I am. Or is it I think therefore I am not. I can’t tell anymore.

Session 2 (10 minutes): Park Bench in the City

There is something really freaking frustrating about cities. I swear. Come, sit with me and look. Look around you. People. So many people. They all look real. But I don’t believe they really are. You can’t talk to them. That’s weird. Isn’t it? Approaching someone in a city to say really anything is so weird and disconcerting.

Well. That’s stupid. Why is that a thing. Why? I want to know people. I want to get to know people. Experience their experiences. And you’d think that a city, crawling with different personalities – different views of the tragedies of living – would be the best place to do that. But, these people aren’t real, at least not to you, or to me. Unless of course we are forced into someone’s life. But, why leave this to chance? Why let life control who you are surrounded with.

Don’t believe me that that is how you meet others? You may pretend that you choose who you talk with. But, life throws certain people towards you – life does – and all you get is a choice of whether or not you continue to surround yourself with them.

I love people. But I hate people. They aren’t real.

So here we are. Shut your eyes. Open your mind to what is real. What you know is real. What do you hear? What do you smell? How does the air feel on your skin? Is your heart beating quickly?

Embrace your senses and exploit them. Embrace what you know to be real. And then laugh, for “life would be tragic if it weren’t funny.”

Session 3 (90 seconds): Hotel Bar

The surface of the bar is sticky with the sweat of vagabonds. The room smells of regret and a unrest – a never-ending distaste for consistency.

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