Writing Challenge (Day 9): “When” Writing

*In these sessions, I must focus on conveying some sort of time period. “When can be seasonal, a time of day, or even a special occasion.” I don’t really know what I’m doing so I am just gonna go with the random thoughts that pop into my head and hope they don’t terrify the three people who read my blog.*

Session 1 (5 minutes): Summer Rainstorm

The rain. It cools my weathered skin, yet the warmth of a summer night still kisses me. The loneliness that consumes me is drawn elsewhere, away from such a beautiful glow of euphoria. I mean, I know all to well that the loyal companion will always return.

But, the rain.

I feel reborn. The drops cover me in a coat of numbness. Untouchable, I forget about yesterday and am invigorated by not tomorrow, but now. Right now. My feet are bare – one with the earth below me. They embrace the muddy waters and…

Session 2 (10 minutes): Graduation

I am cold. So cold. But it’s 91 degrees outside. I don’t understand. I am shivering.

I never liked big events, and my graduation is probably one of the biggest I have experienced I think. So many people. People I never got to know. People I never wanted to know. People who never wanted to know me.

See, I’m average. I don’t really have any talents – trust me on that. I have spent my life avoiding eyes, hands, and voices. Voices especially. All I know about myself is that I am afraid. Of what you might ask? I haven’t a clue. And maybe that is a part of why I am so afraid.

Anyway, I am here, so I guess I did something right. Spent 12 years of my life or some ridiculous amount like that sitting and waiting from something immaculate to happen. School was just a placeholder, I felt. The future always seemed to have its hands on the collar of my shirt, ready to either throw me into an auroral space where I belonged and thrived or step on me and jump around until he got tired. Oops, sorry, until she got tired. I’ve decided that the future is a girl, or, I guess, a woman. She always makes me sweat and I don’t dare approach her. I just wait for her to come up to me and then I freak out and run until the source of energy leaving my body is depleted…

Session 3 (90 seconds): Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

His name was Samson, and just like his name, he was quirky and horribly bitter. Like the wrinkles etched into his face, his heart had many crevices…


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