Writing Challenge (Day 8): “Who Writing”

Session 1 (5 minutes): Cyclist

Ripping through the air as if each of its molecules makes up the tape at the finish line, he presses forward. Bystanders can taste his dense need for that physical snap of the promise of finite glory. His muscles are working on overdrive, and as the workers search for more coal, they find that he can drive through the dearth of power. He does the impossible and feeds the fire with no food. His mind takes hold of the machines and they become remarkable, self-sustaining wonders. The trees in the breeze begin to whip. The branches become a source of bombastic applause for his glorious efforts. He can sense the end approaching, and his sternum hungers for…

Session 2 (10 minutes): Ballerina

As if sculpted by a Greek statue recreating his own effortlessly inviting shape, he stands with a regal sense of awareness. Curious, ballerinas, for their aura breathes a lofty presence. He exudes power and strength – they soak into his pores when he moves through passionate instinct. Yet, this clout is contained in an essence of poise and allure. He begins his solo dance. I cannot comprehend the effort behind each move for it’s effortlessness false coats the man’s face. He leaps into the air with the force of the rising sun supporting each tensed muscle. While he paints the stage with the colors of his talent, I feel invigorated. I see the world differently. Life is no longer in four dimensions, and I begin to be able to sense.. almost physically see a fifth dimension made purely of emotion. As if the heat rising from the coals that superseded a vibrant fire, his fervor begins to leave his body and touch the outward beings of…

Session 3 (90 seconds): Puppy

Holy crap. Oh my gosh. Look at this bone. Look at it. I feel it’s deliciousness within my soul. My soul. I really love thinking about my soul. It’s full of happiness, a love for bones, and misunderstanding. HUMAN. HIIIII. HI hihihishsihfkgm. Human, human, human.

The puppy leaps onto the lap of his owner and sprays urine on his owners lap out of sheer bliss.

The puppy is thrown away from the owner because of his disgust.

Human, human, human.. Loving humans hurts.

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