Writing Challenge (Day 6): “Who” Writing

*In this section of my writing challenge, I am given a character of some sort that I must develop in some sort of way – descriptively or characteristically. Other than this difference, the tasks are the same. Just a note, this proved to be much more difficult that the object writing. It is more constricted, but the more challenge the merrier. That is the saying, right?*

Session 1 (5 minutes): Sailor

It is 3 in the morning, and of course he’s awake. Recently, he doesn’t sleep much. He sits, secluded from the others, the ship.. the water – a separate entity. Searing pain shoots up his right shoulder, and he caresses the scar featured on his right arm. His eyes sharply twitch for he is aware; he has to be. 10 years ago, never would he have set foot on a ship. Never would he have dared to reenter the water that changed his life – changed him – forever.

Session 2 (10 minutes): Waitress Clearing a Table

Striding throughout the restaurant, the waitress attracts attention from around the room. She approaches each mountain of wasted nourishment with more grace than the disgrace of a place to eat deserves – lifts each plate and bowl caked with anything but that, extends her arm with a fervent finesse, and douses each table with cleanser gracefully. She keeps a smile painted across her face as she conquers tables whose surfaces that would function better as a fly traps. Gliding along, she senses the eyes that caress her curves and ache to hold her. But, she has learned to ignore it. She also has learned to ignore the cat calls that bombard her on a nightly basis. These phrases only fall onto her shoulders like dust – uninteresting and unimportant.

Session 3 (90 seconds): Scientist

Unsatisfied with the unknown, his heart inflates with joy when he fails. For his failure resembles success. The failure is not a punch to the gut, it is a promise to the future. His hair is unkempt, and his clothes are mismatched, but he doesn’t…


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