Writing Challenge (Day 3): Object Writing

Session 1 (5 minutes): Umbrella

I walk and while the sturdy and crooked shield surrounds my body, I find raindrops crawling through the air and latching onto my feet, my shoes, my calves. The water is like a disease. It takes hold of the fibers of my pants and begins to insert itself between the threads.. between the atoms. I feel my emotions shrivel as the water infests my socks, and grasps onto my toes. Anticipating the moment when I can defeat the irritation lingering in my mind, my pace quickens, yet I find that this increase in speed and breath sounds, I am also feeding the diseased water. It finds the quickening invigorating and thrives in its attack on my sanity and dry…

Session 2 (10 minutes): Hair

Hello, my name is Society. I have been thinking about hair for quite a while. Not just anyone’s hair.. but women’s hair. I see hair as a pivotal determining factor of women and their value. I see women as only a canvas for their hair to paint over. It should be long, bouncy, beautiful, vivid in color, but natural, no chemical products placed to tarnish the natural value hair has. If it is short, people must consider that women to be a tomboy or possibly lesbian. If there is no hair, the woman is obviously sick and we should treat her this way. If her hair is not natural in color, but instead exotic, she is obviously a rebel, and she has tattoos and drinks quite a bit with the occasional drug here and there. If her hair is greasy, she is obviously a dirty person who never showers. I have determined that everyone must have the corresponding hairstyle for their designated social niche. Wow, now that I have been thinking about hair, I have realized how much I love perfection and judgement. Judgement is a way of life, it should be thrown into everyone’s head, forcefully but nonchalantly. I think I will convince everyone that they don’t judge, but that they are just being honest with themselves and their thoughts are justified. You know what, now that I think about it, why doesn’t everyone just determine each other’s worth based on how they look. Why don’t I make it extremely difficult to be liked if you look a certain way? That sounds like a wonderful idea. Yes, I will do that. And everyone will be so excited…

Session 3 (90 seconds): Feather

I often imagine what it would be like to be a feather. Falling would no longer be terrifying or dangerous. After being released in the air, the air doesn’t strike your body, it caresses it. You embrace the air and welcome it to your gentle body. And as you approach the ground – you hope for the earth…


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