Writing Challenge (Day 2): Object Writing

Session 1 (5 minutes): Bathroom Mirror

Standing weighed down by the horrors of self-loathing pulses ebb. No, pulses flow and the room is lit on fire. But I don’t mind the burn. Maybe it can melt my insecurities so that they drip off of me like the remnants of a gentle rain on rejuvenated saplings. The globules of self-conciousness form a leveled puddle on the ground and I use the structure as a pedestal so that I am lifted above my self-inflicted restrictions – lifted above the mirror which paints me – my body – slapdash and unkept for the audience of my mind to roar and judge. I see refuse hit the mirror as my audience becomes…

Session 2 (10 minutes): Dentist

Curious how the burliest of men can be intimidated by a man in a white coat. White – traditionally exuding purity and peace. But the white is tainted through metallic beings of torture. The body is entranced by the low whirs and hums of insect-like contraptions that infect the mouths of the helpless damsels in hidden distress. The light penetrates the film shielding the eye and its glowing – the fear of the trapped damsel is illuminated and shocks flow from the thin film to the thickest of callouses until his skin disintegrates and becomes that of a young toddler – a small child – unaware of the horrors of life. Welcoming and naice, the child invites the insects until they betray him and he ignites – the poping sparks infest diamon like surfaces and unveil the sensitivity within. The master moces with such elegance and grace – menaically and I become him – staring at the heap od shrivelling muscles and increasingly sinewy bones. I disappear from my seat and what remains is pure innocence; a glowing shell of acceptance soon to be shattered by…

Session 3 (90 seconds): Screwdriver

While trying to build a life – a structure – progress itself. I find myself struggling to hold on as the world rotates around my hand – my head – yet I have no control of its decisions. I struggle to hold onto my handle – my part of the…


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