Writing Challenge (Day 1): Object Writing

Session 1 (5 Minutes): Sky

Sky. Not just an escape for the trodden paths – the worn down thoughts of those hoisting the sickening weight of yesterday’s forgotten dream of a generous tomorrow. Tomorrow, the Dionysus of time. Promises of luscious splendor. A seemingly endless entrancing bliss. Yet, tomorrow comes and.. a hope for that forever reaches mortality. Take his hand, and look past the mask. Even the god of endless celebration hides from his inner…

*Sadly ends the 5 minute time slot*

Session 2 (10 minutes): Crash

A hypocrite of words, if anything.

The glory sounded from a hundred bombastic cymbals.

The timbre of metallic power – a man claiming his ceaseless servitude to leading.

The molten ore of progress – an initial crash of innovation leads only to resounding remnants of true passion.

Yet, in the crashing of the cymbal, lies three broken bodies, limp on the blood coated remnants of horror incarnate.

She gurgles, for neither her soul could leave the body in peace.

A pureness fighting for emptiness

For emptiness numbs the scathing wounds where…

*Sadly ends the 10 minute slot*

Session 3 (90 seconds): Lily Pad

Envious is the frog of the lily pad – its sheen resilience and utter simplistic isolated resting – the frog must rely on the pad – simplicity taunts the frog’s inabilities…

*That was quick*

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